About Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor has been in the hair industry since 2011. Ever since her initial schooling she has always felt the need to learn and get certified as much as she could. She is currently certified in Keratin Complex Hot, head tape in extensions and is also continuing to take numerous cutting, coloring and makeup classes. Jennifer is very meticulous and hones in on giving and teaching clients the best possible style that would work best for each of their varying lifestyles. She loves showcasing various products, tools and how to each client should style their hair at home, in the easiest and BEST way possible. All-in-all, she loves everything about her industry, as well as her clients that come with it!

5 Things About Jennifer Taylor

1. Where are you from?
  • Moncks Corner, South Carolina
2. Do you have any pets? 
  • Yes, a dog named Rhett (Rhett Butler)
3. What are your hobbies?
  • Shopping, shopping & MORE shopping
  • Spending time with family & fur children
  • Going to the beach
4. Name a random thing about you?
  • I had 6 wisdom teeth
  • I once had my hair catch on fire by fireworks
  • I collect drinking glasses, mugs & cups 
5. Name 3 things you would bring if you were stuck on Gilligan’s Island?
  • Grande Lash Serum
  • Bible
  • Fishing pole

Jennifer's Specialties

Keratin Treatment Certification

I earned my Keratin Treatment Certification to allow for me to offer my clients the beauty of sleek, care-free, tresses.

Hair Extensions

With hair extensions my clients can enjoy a wide variety of hairstyles – both long and short, partial application or full!

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